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What does breathing paper construction and installation need to pay attention to?

2020-10-27 16:28:47


Breathing paper construction and installation needs to pay attention to what: The basic bottom line: construction quality is more important than the choice of materials. No matter which type of breathing paper products to choose, if there is no reasonable installation, it is a waste of money. Not installing the right breathing paper creates more problems than it solves. It's actually not that difficult to install, but it requires a basic understanding of how breathing paper works. The details of the installation requirements are usually available on the manufacturer's website as well as at the distributor. One Way to install breathing paper is to imagine a raindrop falling on the outside of your home, gravity pulling it down the wall, if all the seams, cracks, and perforations are sealed, and the exterior is in accordance with the order of the installation is lapped, then the rain will eventually slide to the ground. But as soon as it finds a broken or poorly watered node, it will penetrate the breathing paper and enter the main structure. Install breathing paper from bottom to top and ensure that all horizontal seams have at least 6-inch (150 mm) overlap and all vertical seams have 12-inch (300 mm) overlap. If you want to install breathing paper before erecting the wall, you should leave enough material under the wall to cover the floorboard after erecting. It is also important to be cautious about vertical lapping as well as horizontal lapping, as wind-driven rain can cause rainwater to move laterally, or even up, into properly lapped breathing paper. The article content comes from the network, if has the question, please with us!

What does breathing paper construction and installation need to pay attention to?
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